Choosing The Baby Shower Themes

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The first step towards baby shower planning is the choice of baby shower themes based on which the entire proceedings will be organized. The baby shower is not only about preparing the parents-to-be for the arrival of their progeny but it is also a celebration of the pregnancy where all the guests take part in the atmosphere of enjoyment and merriment and share the happiness of the expectant mother. The selection of a proper baby shower theme will go a long way in ensuring the success of the baby shower event.

Some Suggestions Regarding Choosing Baby Shower Themes

Keep Mother-To-Be In View

While looking out for suitable baby shower themes you should not forget that the shower party is being organized in honor of the mother-to-be and that her happiness should be the prime criterion. As such, the baby shower theme should be something that is close to the heart of the expectant mother rather than any other aspect.

How To Go About Looking For The Best Theme

Before you start on your journey to choose the best baby shower themes, you should do a little research work. First, you should try to analyze the nature and characteristics of the mother-to-be. You need to gather information regarding her likes and dislikes and her other traits of personality. It is only by analyzing her nature like whether she is shy, business like, friendly or formal that you can get a proper idea regarding her personality. This analysis will help you in zeroing in on the perfect baby shower theme.

Moreover, the sex of the baby is also an important criterion that must be taken into consideration before choosing baby shower themes. If the mother-to-be is expecting a male child, your choice of the theme would be different to what it would be, if she is expecting a female child. On the other hand, if the expectant mother is expecting twins, you would have to think differently about your choice. The other parameters that should be considered are the number of guests that she would like to have at the baby shower party and whether she expectant mother would prefer to have a party exclusively for women or she would like to invite both men and women.

Keep Discussing With Your Co-host

If there is a co-host for the baby shower event and he is helping you, it would be extremely helpful if you get his views at all stages of the selection of the baby shower themes. Each person has his own ideas and when two people discuss a problem, a solution is bound to crop up from somewhere. You will definitely be able to choose the most appropriate baby shower theme that will make the event a grand success.

A good theme will be the stepping-stone for the proper planning of the baby shower event and it will also inspire you to choose the best location and time for the baby shower. You will find that the correct theme will make the planning process a very simple affair.

Although finding the best theme will depend more on your creative skills, it is also true that you will get plenty of ideas for baby shower themes from the answers of the mom-to-be in reply to your various questions.

Components for Throwing a Great Baby Shower

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Do you beam with excitement when you think about hosting a baby shower for an expectant friend or relative but then cringe at the thought of all the party planning details that are involved? Not everyone feels they are a natural hostess when it comes to throwing a baby shower party; however, if you put these basic components together, you will not fail and the mom-to-be will be sure to appreciate all your efforts!

There is no set way to throw a baby shower. With that in mind, if you account for these key components you will, without a doubt, have thrown a successful baby shower.

1) Location — This isn’t something to sweat about. Ask yourself what resources you have at your disposal. Do you belong to a local church? Are you a member of any organizations that have banquet rooms available to rent? Or, just consider hosting the party at your house or even the mom-to-be’s house. Keep the distance within reason if you’re not hosting the shower in the home so the expectant mother doesn’t have to travel very far. Don’t be afraid to ask the expectant mother how she would feel about having the shower in her home (if it’s not a surprise shower, that is).

2) Decorations — Most every type of party includes decorations, whether general and colorful or tailored towards a specific theme. If the parents-to-be have chosen not to find out the gender of the baby then your shower decorations will most likely use varied pastels without sticking to mainly pink or blue as with known gender showers. Many stores and sites sell baby shower decorations so you’ll never be at a loss as to how to transform your location into a decorated baby haven; however, every good baby shower deserves a great centerpiece for the main food or gift table and a baby diaper cake will make a great conversation piece and will serve as a gift for the expectant mom when the shower is over.

3) Food — Ah, the food. Again, this is not something to sweat about. If you’re hosting the shower, I can only assume that you know the expectant mom well enough to know what some of her likes and dislikes are when it comes to food. You can go as simple as finger foods or as lavish as a hot meal. Keep in mind what would work best with the length of time you plan on having the shower. And of course, don’t forget the baby shower cake! Whether you make a cake yourself or order one through a local bakery, every baby shower wouldn’t be complete without a cake.

4) Games — It seems to be a long standing tradition to play fun and silly games at a baby shower. There are a multitude of game ideas out there to choose from and some may fit your theme if your shower is centered around one. Keep the number of games limited for time sake and encourage everyone to participate, even the expectant mom. By the time you are done playing games, everyone will be in such a great mood, that the last component will help with winding down the baby shower before everyone goes home.

5) Gifts — Probably the most important component and main reason people throw a baby shower is to give the expectant mom gifts for the baby and even to her. Shopping for a unique and creative baby gift to give at a baby shower can be stressful for some people. Depending on how many baby showers you’ve attended before, you may have seen many people give a lot of similar gifts and you want to get a little more creative. Most moms-to-be will have created a baby registry at a local store or two so you can always check out her wish list and try to put a unique spin on some of the things she will need or would like to have for the baby. A great way to do this is with a new baby gift basket that showcases practical and fun items that mom and baby can use together. I assure you that this type of newborn gift will be a hit at a baby shower.

Now that you know what you need to consider, I hope you enjoy the planning process for hosting a baby shower and more importantly, the baby shower when it occurs. Best of luck and remember, as long as you combine the components from above, no matter the cost, time, or effort involved in planning a baby shower, the reward is seeing how happy your expectant friend or relative will be knowing how much you care!